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In my April column on natural cosmetics, I alluded to a product that I had used some years ago which produced the darkest tan I had ever achieved. The resulting flood of inquiries I received from UV worshipers was enough to overcome both Tom my mailman and my internet E-mail account.

Normally I try to respond to all my mail individually. However with the threat of not being able to write another column until 2021, I decided to dedicate this month's column to answering the countless questions I've received about this product; ranging from school girls in Spokane to tanning salon owners in New London.

If you are like me tanning is not only a special occasion regimen. It is a big part of your overall healthy lifestyle. Searching for that perfect bronze tan without compromising our discriminate tastes however is the quest. Needless to say I have purchased and sampled every imaginable concoction that has promised to give me results faster and better than ever before. Suffice to say "burned" describes the result of most of my cosmetic embellishments. This being the case it seems that every one of the disciples of UV who read my column have besieged me with questions regarding this enigmatic tanning product.

It was while vacationing in Florida drenched by the rain which is an hourly occurrence in August, that I found myself two shades lighter than when I had arrived. Yearning for my UV fix I sought the nearest tanning salon. While waiting for my session the salon owner suggested I try a new product called Doctor Bronze, which she could not stop raving about. Always curious I purchased the now legendary potion and decided to give it a try.

Always the critic, I remember much of my initial reactions. Beyond just attractive packaging and the salon owners outstanding recommendation the ingredients list contained every important component I look for plus; petroleum distillates, no animal by products, no artificial dyes or colors and complete with skin loving ingredients. I remember the fragrance to be unique from the overpowering "Carmen Miranda on a bad hair day" smell which usually remains with you when using most tanning products. Furthermore, I was impressed at how quickly it absorbed without feeling greasy or sticky. My discriminating standards satisfied I was truly amazed by the results. I found it hard to believe that the amount of color I attained could be the result of any "new" product. Skeptical, I tried it again, to find that I achieved a level of tanning I never thought possible for my complexion.

Alas with large cost to my schedule, my tireless dedication to you my readers has caused me to virtually abandon my quest for the perfect tan . Abandon that is until this boundless supply of queries spurred me to find this now coveted Doctor Bronze. Fitting to say that after countless hours of dedicated research, (and one short call to the 800 directory) I was able to track down the celebrated Doctor himself.

I must say, conversation and helpfulness being strong points on this judges scale, you will be pleased to find out the good Doctor has been hard a work developing two new products. MAX Potency Potions, as they are called are based on the fundamentals of tanning with large doses of powerful Moisturizers, Amplifiers and Xceleration ingredients.(hence the acronym of MAX). From what the Doctor told me, these two new products have unique formulations for the needs of both primary and pinnacle stage tanners. A unique base of "Mystical Botanicals" aids the moisturization of your skin. And I was told, each of the potions is packed with antioxidants and melanin to combat free radical damage. Uniquely the products are still AMBIDEXTANEROUS (I love that word) which true UV worshippers will be excited to know means you can expect equally dramatic results in indoor tanning salons or natural sunlight. Importantly, they are created in enviro friendly conditions using recyclable packaging, and tan tested on humans, always cruelty free...

So why have you not heard of Doctor Bronze before? I found that as a true niche product Doctor Bronze has never been accessible to the masses, sold exclusively in tanning salons but never widely distributed. Originally Doctor Bronze a true UV worshipper, crafted hand made solar potions for friends and family. And while avoiding hype and misleading claims, Doctor Bronze's unconventional approach to tanning developed a nationwide family of dedicated followers spurred strictly by word of mouth.

And with the word of mouth spreading, the demand for Doctor Bronze Solar Potions is expected to grow rapidly. So I'm sure that you will be excited to know the good Doctor informed me these new MAX Potency Potions will be more widely available exclusively in tanning salons nationwide, beginning in 1996.

Well, I hope that this information I've found will serve to answer most of your questions and salvage my relationship with the mailroom. I take special pride in being your guru of choice when it comes to your health and beauty so I must stress that Doctor Bronze Solar Potions are only for experienced tan enthusiasts. None of the formulations contain any type of sunscreen. Hence, withstanding the hype and negative publicity, moderation and common sense are the keys to combating the negatives of UV exposure. The formulations are skin loving and combine a plethora of nourishing ingredients; still they are designed for true disciples of UV, regardless of its indoor or outdoor source. So if you normally do not tan, stick to your sunscreen but if your tanning salon membership takes priority over your rent then find some way to get a hold of Doctor Bronze. You may have to wait until '96 and bribe your neighborhood salon owner to order it but if a golden bronze tan is as important to you as life itself than you will not be disappointed.

For more information on Doctor Bronze Solar Potions contact your local tanning salon, tanning distributor, or call 1-800-IS-4-A-TAN. And via e-mail:

Reprinted with premission from the publisher
©2000 Doctor Bronze Solar Potions